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Rykodisc (1990)



Promo poster for the 1990 re-issue of Ziggy Stardust

In 1990 all sixteen of Bowie's albums (from SPACE ODDITY (1969) to SCARY MONSTERS (1981) and including THE RISE AND FALL OF ZIGGY STARDUST AND THE SPIDERS FROM MARS (1972)) were released in sequence by Rykodisc as part of the launch of its DAVID BOWIE CATALOGUE: THE SOUND + VISION SERIES.

EMI were subcontracted to release the CD outside of the US.

These albums featured re-mastered audio (from the original master tapes), the restoration of authentic graphics and, for the first time, the inclusion of bonus tracks where appropriate.

Rykodisc, an independent US company specializing in high quality CD releases, had been willing to re-release Bowie's albums at full price if they could also include bonus tracks of rare or previously unreleased material. Bowie agreed.


Promo poster for the 1990 re-issue of Ziggy Stardust

Unlike the RCA CDs, the Ryko CDs were remastered from the original unequalised two-track analog tapes. 

"Bowie himself listened to and approved our original remasters - and he liked them a lot. So much so, that after the deal expired his office would call and ask if we had any copies left, as he preferred ours to the [later] EMI issues." - Jeff  Rougvie (2015)

In 1994 engineer Toby Mountain furthermore remastered some of the Bowie titles (including Ziggy Stardust) using new 20 bit technology for the Ryko AU20 Gold series.

The Rykodisc Bowie CDs won unanimous praise for their sound. One reviewer said:

"The differences to be heard in contrast to the original RCA CDs are in no way subtle or minor. These new discs sound alive and three-dimensional - the RCA discs sound like a cheap AM radio in comparison. Instruments that were inaudible on the RCA discs are clearly heard here, as are bits of echo and other effects totally absent from the original LP releases."


Rykodisc 1990 LP / CD Press Kit

Rykodisc Ziggy Stardust LP & CD Press-Kit (LSD-4720 (APRZ-6815))


To promote the re-release of the Ziggy Stardust album, Ryko first issued a combined LP and CD Press Kit (Promotional Only) featuring the remastered dynoflex vinyl LP and a Rykodisc Picture disk CD inside a plastic pouch in the gatefold jacket. 

The Press Kit also included two official Ryko sheets of information, a photocopy of the Rolling Stone's article which ranked Ziggy Stardust as the 6th best album of the last 20 years and a promotional glossy photograph containing two images of David Bowie as Ziggy Stardust taken by Sukita in August 1972.

Ryko Press-sheet & Rolling Stone's "#6th Best Album of the Last 20 Years" article

Ryko press-kit promotional photo - August 1972 - by Sukita

Ryko LP/CD press-kit inner gatefold

The Press-Kit LP's inner gatefold sleeve also featured information about the Ziggy Stardust and Ryko re-release programme:



Rykodisc announces the issue of David Bowie's epochal THE RISE AND FALL OF ZIGGY STARDUST AND THE SPIDERS FROM MARS in new, deluxe editions, as part of the ongoing SOUND + VISION catalogue re-release program. Each format of ZIGGY STARDUST features 5 previously unreleased tracks, plus digital remastering, restored graphics and lyrics, and additional photographs.

The ZIGGY STARDUST LP will be released in Limited Edition, pressed on Clear, 100% Virgin Vinyl, Direct Metal Mastered, and presented in a Rice-Paper Innersleeve.  The album also contains an additional single-sided record which features the 5 bonus tracks, the 2 records are packaged in a gatefold jacket. The Cassette is recorded on a High-bias Chrome Cassette using DAAD (Digital Audio Analogue Duplication) process for state-of-the-art quality.

The Compact Disc of ZIGGY STARDUST will be available in two editions.   In addition to the usual Rykodisc "high-quality" version, there will be a Deluxe Limited Edition packaged in a Custom Slipcase contained the CD along with a 72-page book, featuring a history of the rise of Ziggy, from conception, through recording, to public performances. The book is filled with fascinating data and reflections from prominent journalists, as well as period reviews of the album and concerts.  Also included are over 40 photos (many previously unseen) by Mick Rock and Sukita, recognised as THE Bowie photo-chroniclers of the era.

ZIGGY STARDUST: Whether you realised it or not, this album changed your life.  Its influence has been felt by a generation of musicians and listeners.  Listen to it again, for the first time. In an early review of the ZIGGY STARDUST album, the British journalist (and long-time Bowie supporter) Michael Watts, observed that "Bowie's bid for stardom is accelerating at lightning speed."

"Looking back on the events that started with the recording of ZIGGY and continued through Bowie's conquering of the USA at Radio City Music Hall, this comment seems almost laughable.  In just over a year, David Bowie went from being the darling of the underground to becoming a full-blown rock superstar.  As one reviewer of the time noted, "David looks like a superstar, onstage he projects himself like a superstar, and by his music deserves to be a superstar." In the process of becoming that superstar, Bowie created what is possibly the most influential album of the Seventies, added his visionary touch to classic records by a number of other artists and conquered the world.  Incredibly, all of this was accomplished in just 14 months."

(from the ZIGGY STARDUST Deluxe Limited Edition Commemorative booklet)


Rykodisc / EMI 1990 CDs

RYKO US (RCD 10134) 1990 +5 Bonus tracks.
RYKO US (RCD 90134) 1990 +5 Bonus tracks. Limited Edition deluxe custom slipcase with 72-page Ziggy Stardust commemorative booklet.
EMI UK (CDP 79 4400 2) 1990 +5 Bonus tracks.
EMI UK (CDP 79 4400 0 /CDEMCX 3577) 1990 +5 Bonus tracks. Limited Edition deluxe custom box with 72-page Ziggy Stardust commemorative booklet.

Package Design: Reiner Design Consultants, Inc.
All Additional Photographs: Mick Rock
Digital Mastering: Dr. Toby Mountain assisted by Jonathan Wyner
"Sweet Head" mixed by Jonathan Wyner


Rykodisc US (RCD 90134) Longbox (front & back)

Rykodisc Longbox (front & back)

Ryko US (RCD 90134) CD slipcase, commemorative booklet and open CD

EMI UK (CDP 79 4400 0 /CDEMCX 3577) deluxe custom box.

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Japan 1990 CD


Rykodisc 1990 Minidisk

Rykodisc Ziggy Stardust Minidisk (RMD 10134)


Rykodisc 1990 Limited Edition 2LP Clear Vinyl

Rykodisc Ziggy Stardust Clear vinyl 2LP (RALP 1034-2)

A Limited Edition Ziggy Stardust LP pressed in Clear, 100% Virgin Vinyl, Direct Metal Mastered, CDQ (Compact Disc Quality) and presented in a Japanese Rice-Paper anti-static innersleeve was released (shown above).   This release contained an additional single-sided LP record which featured the five bonus tracks; the two records being packaged in a gatefold sleeve.


Rykodisc 1990 Cassette

High-bias Chrome Cassette DAAD cassette (RACS 0134-2)


Rykodisc 1994 AU20 CD

Rykodisc Au20 (RCD 80134) 1994 +5 Bonus tracks.

In 1994 THE RISE AND FALL OF ZIGGY STARDUST AND THE SPIDERS FROM MARS (1972) was issued by Rykodisc in Au20 format - being a limited edition (out of 10,000) 24k gold (Au20) enhanced 20-Bit master version CD.

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