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Rykodisc Au20 CD



AU20 Ziggy Stardust CD

In 1994 an audiophile version of THE RISE AND FALL OF ZIGGY STARDUST AND THE SPIDERS FROM MARS (1972) was issued by Rykodisc (RCD 80134).

This was a limited edition (out of 10,000) 24k gold (Au20) enhanced 20-Bit master version CD.
The tracks being exactly the same as for the 1990 Rykodisc CD reissue.

The AU20s were special because of the mastering process which used NO LIMITING or COMPRESSION.
Limiting and compression are used for most records and CDs so that they will sound consistent with other recordings - primarily on the radio.
As a result many of the original recordings highs ands lows are "compressed" and lost but not in this case.

Due to its high audio quality and limited edition, these generally go for high prices on auction sites today.


  Au20CD Numbered Inlay

The packaging had a numbered inlay sheet (as above) and the
CD plastic casing sported a wrap-around cut-out sheet.

Ryko's Au20 is a limited-edition series of the "sonic bests" from the Rykodisc catalogue.
The Au20 trademark distingushishes enhanced audiophile editions of the 20-bit digital masteres replicated in limited release on 24k gold CDs.
To ensure the most accurate reproduction of the music, all analog to 20-bit digital conversion is from the original master tapes.
Releases in the Au20 series include all artwork from the original albums and are individually numbered.

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