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"Ziggy Stardust: 25 Years Tribute" - 1997

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Recorded: 1997 from 1972 and 1973 film, still photos and memorabilia
Editor: John Harrison

In 1997 to commemorate 25 years of Ziggy Stardust, longtime fan John Harrison created two semi-professional videos from hundreds of hours of video and thousands of photo stills of Ziggy Stardust.  They aren't for sale - they are limited edition distributed only amongst friends and even sent to David Bowie himself.

Part 1: 25 Years of Ziggy Stardust: The Birth of A Monster

To commemorate 25 Years of Ziggy Stardust: Unreleased Archive footage and rare stills. David Bowie is Ziggy Stardust.  25 years on ... Ziggy was an Inspiration to every gender.  A hero whose immaculate web formed a theatrical mystique of glamour and infinite grace.  His appeal was universal.   The future was not an illusion.  It was happening now.  A creative character who still remains a burning spirit within ourselves.  Here is the story ....

Part 2: Oh! You Pretty Things

This four hour video is Part Two to the ZIGGY STARDUST: THE BIRTH OF A MONSTER.  It contains over three thousand Ziggy stills, including many rare and private photos, along with a stunning soundtrack of rare tracks and interview clips.

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Ziggy Stardust Scarf (1973)