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Radio Interview - 14 July 1973

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A Radio Luxembourg interview by Kid Jensen was held with David Bowie and broadcast from the Chateau d'Herouville in France where Bowie was recording PINUPS (1973).
In the interview Bowie discussed his rapid success and recognition achieved through the Ziggy Stardust character after many years of struggle:

Recorded & Broadcast: 14 July 1973

Listen to the audio here

"It really was awfully hard. Knowing how hard it was for me as a writer in the beginning to actually find myself an audience. In the first three or four years it was immensely difficult. Why it should suddenly 'jump' sometimes leaves me bewildered. There was an amazing amount of faith put in my material by RCA records. It cost an awful lot to at least make me available in record stores. People were actually able to get hold of my albums which they did have a problem getting before. And after that it was up to them to want to continue buying them which, fortunately for me they do!"- Bowie (1973)

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