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BBC Radio 1 - 21 September 1972

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Broadcast: 21 September 1972.

Three songs were possibly recorded at the BBC's Maida Vale Studios and broadcast on 21 September 1972.  These were not from a BBC radio session but were made for a BBC network transcription disc. While the BBC Radio 1 DJ introduced these three songs as special BBC recordings most Bowie commentators have since stated that these were, in fact, the standard vinyl cuts from the Ziggy Stardust album.

The songs were:

"John, I'm Only Dancing"
Lady Stardust"

So were these really different tracks to those on the album? 

Well the tracks do sound very similar to the original studio recordings, but on closer inspection you can hear that "Star" is a remixed version and has a completely different lead vocal and is missing the "just watch me now" lyric at the end. "John I'm Only Dancing" is similarly a remix of the original (non-sax) version, and finally "Lady Stardust" has a different vocal track than the version that appears on the ZIGGY album.

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