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  Rear Cover  

High resolution version found here

The image above is of the album's rear cover as seen on the original 1972 LP.

Like the front cover - there are slight differences to be found in the releases for different countries and over time. The most common are slight colour variation (i.e. the exact colour shades vary - probably due to the different colours used in printing runs), cropping (i.e. slightly more or less of the phone box is shown) and border surrounds (i.e. some have white borders, some black, most have no borders). 

The "A GEM PRODUCTION" logo appeared solo on all Ziggy Stardust LPs before December 1972. 

After December 1972 all David Bowie LPs additionally carried the "MAINMAN" logo as well.  Hence, the image above was a later production LP while the High Resolution image (see above) was the earliest production.

The most famous difference is the 1972 Spanish Ziggy Stardust LP's rear cover which was printed in duotone blue and not colour as above.

A notable feature of the rear cover are the famous words/instruction appearing at the bottom left corner: "TO BE PLAYED AT MAXIMUM VOLUME" (missing on the 1999 EMI / Virgin CD release!).

Also of interest is possible finger-writing on the glass.  Check out the left pane - second from the top.  Is that the letter "B" for Bowie? 

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