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Album Cover
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The Ziggy Stardust album photographic session was shot by photographer Brian Ward at night in wet and cold conditions in January 1972. Bowie was reportedly suffering from a very bad flu at the time and the poor weather conditions reportedly did not help his illness.

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Altogether, 17 black & white photos were taken including those used for the colourised album front and back cover. Seven photographs were taken of Bowie posing in front of 23 Heddon Street (from different angles), four in and around the Heddon Street phone-booth, and six were close-ups of him in the doorway and under a street-light.

Shown here are the entire session photos. Some are interesting because they are colourised (yet not used for the final album).  One of these colourised outtakes is very similar to the eventual cover and as such was possibly an early or alternate consideration for the Ziggy Stardust album cover.   Similarly, the other colourised pictures may have been early or alternate considerations for the insert sleeve and/or the back cover. 

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