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Ziggy Returns Home

December 1972 (continued)


"This was probably one of the best, highest energy jaunts of our short eighteen-month life" - Bowie

Songs performed: The Supermen, The Width of A Circle, Changes, Life on Mars? Five Years, Moonage Daydream, Hang Onto Yourself, Ziggy Stardust, Starman, Suffragette City, Rock n Roll Suicide, John, I'm Only Dancing, The Jean Genie, John, I'm Only Dancing.

Other artists songs: Waiting for The Man (Lou Reed) Lets Spend the Night Together (Jagger-Richards)

Set lists: Bowie upped the energy level for this short tour by removing the acoustic set and starting and continuing with Lets Spend The Night Together.  A typical setlist was Lets Spend The Night Together /Hang Onto Yourself / Ziggy Stardust / Changes / The Supermen /Five Years / The Width of A Circle / Life on Mars? / John, I'm Only Dancing / Moonage Daydream / The Jean Genie / Suffragette City / Rock n Roll Suicide.

"Space Oddity" 7" single is re-released world-wide. Bowie's success prompted RCA's overseas divisions to heavily re-promote his first hit single with the result a US Top 20 position at #15. Songs produced by Gus Dudgeon (Space Oddity), David Bowie & Ken Scott (Moonage Daydream, It Ain't Easy), Ken Scott (Life On Mars) & Tony Visconti (The Man Who Sold The World).

"Space Oddity/Moonage Daydream/Life on Mars?/It Ain't Easy" RCA EP 45103 US in picture sleeve.   Highest chart =#15.

"Space Oddity/The Man Who Sold The World" RCA 74-0876 US.  In Picture sleeve.  Released in January 1973.

"Space Oddity/Fool" (Presley) RCA 003 Thailand

"Space Oddity/It Ain't Easy" RCA 552252 Japan in picture sleeve

Dec-16th 1972

Advertising from RCA proclaims "RCA Welcomes Bowie Back from his triumphant tour of the US"

Dec-23rd 1972

Concert: Rainbow Theatre, London. Bowie comes on stage to a standing ovation and makes a speech asking the fans to make a toy donation to Dr Barnados (they filled an entire truck). Dr Barnardos is the charity organisation that Bowie's late father had worked for.

Melody Maker magazine cites Bowie as "THE main man of 1972" and Bowie dominates the issue. Bowie was voted Top Vocalist of the Year (over Rod Stewart and Elton John) while the Ziggy Stardust album is the critics choice for pop album of 1972.  A two page ad states "David Bowie and the Spiders wish everyone a Happy Christmas" and requests that those attending the Rainbow Concert on the 24th December bring a children's toy to be donated to charity.

Dec-24th 1972

Concert: Rainbow Theatre, London. The audience to this concert are also asked to bring a toy for delivery to Dr Barnardos homes on Christmas morning - the next day.

"I first saw Bowie live on Christmas Eve 1972 at the Rainbow, and to say I was blown away would be an understatement.To say that evening was a life changing event would be an understatement!... Most memorable moments? Bowie having trouble getting the moog synthesizer in the right place during Lets Spend the Night Together, also having problems with his huge pair of shoes with palm tree motifs on them which he promptly kicked off into the curtain at the back of the stage..." -   Colin Richardson (2002)

Dec-25th 1972

A truck full of toys are delivered to children's homes all over London. David, Angie Bowie and Zowie spend their last Christmas at Haddon Hall. His fame is such that fans are now camping in his garden. British post makes a special delivery with six sacks of Christmas cards for the Bowie family.

Dec-28th 1972

Concert: Hard Rock, Manchester.



January 1973

Jan-5th 1973

Concert: Greens Pavilion, Glasgow, Scotland. Two shows. For the first time a Ziggy Stardust concert is opened with a song (The Rolling Stone's "Lets Spend the Night Together") other than "Hang Onto Yourself."

Jan-6th 1973

Concert: Empire Theatre, Edinburgh. Three shows.

Jan-7th 1973

Concert: City Hall, Newcastle.

The Jean Genie by Ian Dickson - A photographic Ziggy Stardust box-set with 5 images from this concert.

Jan-9th 1973

Concert: Guildhall, Preston.

Jan-13th 1973

The music press suggest that two new Bowie albums, including the promised live albums are imminent.

Jan-17th 1973

Interview on a popular London Weekend TV chat show called Russell Harty Plus.

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Listen to the interview here

The show is billed as a London Weekend TV Pop Special and also features performances by Elton John, Georgie Fame and Alan Price. Bowie performs "My Death" live on acoustic guitar (a string breaks during the performance) and a mimes a version of "Drive-In Saturday" to a backing tape. See article "Goodbye Ziggy And a big hello to Aladdin Sane" for background to this performance and interview.

"DAVID BOWIE devotees, and there must be thousands more after his spectacular appearance on the Russell Harty TV show, might like to know that in addition to his RCA albums, "The World Of David Bowie" is still available on Decca at only 99p. It's not Bowie today, but the songs were still interesting  even then" - Disc and Music Echo

Jan-19th 1973

Concert Hall: Royal Ballroom, Tottenham, London.  Rehearsals start for 2nd US Tour.

Jan-20th 1973

Trident Studios, London: Recording session with The Spiders From Mars to complete the ALADDIN SANE (1973) album. Others present are Mike Garson, Ken Fordham on saxophone and three backing singers: Juanita Franklin; the British black singer, Linda Lewis and Geoffrey MacCormack.

"The Spiders are still Trevor, Woody and Mick; we've just got in some backup men on tenor saxes and piano and voices...." Bowie

The "Sax Mix" version of "John, I'm Only Dancing" is recorded along with "Panic in Detroit" (without Bowie vocals) and "Lady Grinning Soul" (without Bowie vocals). A Bowie version of "All the Young Dudes" is also recorded at this session and can be found on RARESTONEBOWIE (1995). See article "All Crossed-Dressed Up" for observations of this recording session.

Jan-24th 1973

ALADDIN SANE (1973) album is finished by this date.

Jan-25th 1973

Concert Hall: Royal Ballroom, Tottenham, London.  Rehearsals end for 2nd US Tour. Bowie leaves Southampton with friend Geoff MacCormack on the Queen Elizabeth II for a 100-day world tour - three months of which will be in the US.

Jan-30th 1973

Arrives New York.


Aladdin Sane in America: 2nd US Tour
February 1973 - March 1973

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