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Review of the Ziggy Stardust album:
The Vaseline Tigers

by VM - Record Mirror (24 June 1972)

DAVID BOWIE: The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and The Spiders From Mars (RCA LSP 4702)

There's no denying that David Bowie is totally individual.  A Bowie-album is like no other, and all his offerings so far have been entertaining.  Though I find the opening track the weakest as far as the vocal is concerned, the subject is handled cleverly, giving a new dimension to the revelation that the World has only five years more to go.  "Soul Love" is a total piece of brilliance with far away vocal phrases, an insistent drum rhythm and smooth Bowie sax - it would make a strong single, though the chosen track "Starman" should have been gobbled up by the public.  "It Ain't Easy" - the lyrics are missing from the inner sleeve for some reason - is a big vocal builder, with a nice guitar and piano ending. 

Mick Ronson's piano work also dominates the opener to Side Two, "Lady Stardust", with Bowie providing some excellent vocals, with a harmony line that reminds me in some obscure way of Beatle harmonies.  There's some up tempo rock styled material here, like in the whirling "Hang Onto Yourself" and the lovely line "but then we move around like tigers on vaseline" which for me sums up totally the mastery that Bowie has with words.  There's also mellower moments, and the overall production is excellent.  People listen.

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