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Bowie back - in 1984

Sounds (October 1973)

DAVIE BOWIE will star in a stage production of the George Orwell sci-fi classic 1984 which is expected to commence with a provincial tour next March before moving to London's West End.

Bowie is currently writing the script for the musical with Tony Ingrassia. He has already completed six songs and sang the title track, 1984, at Saturday's marquee tele-recording of the American NBC show Midnight Special.

"This is for next March", he announced.

Cherry Vanilla, Bowie's publicist said: "The script might be unrecognisable from the original but Bowie will definitely play the lead role of Winston. Cherry and Wayne County (New York rock drag queen) who both appeared in Andy Warhol's Pork production, will probably appear in the show.

Another report that Bowie would appear in a lavish New York stage show before Christmas has been denied.

"It was planned but has now been dropped," said Wayne County on Saturday.

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