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Question Time with David Bowie

Fan Magazine (April 1973)

Q. How does your wife, Angela, cope with you being a pop star. Does she get jealous of your fans at all?

A. No, Angela is only delighted at what has happened to me. She knows how long I've been waiting to make it big, and now that things have been happening at last, she's with me all the way.

Q. Although you still must be one of the most outrageous dressers on the music scene, it's quite a while since we saw those dresses of yours that hit the headlines some time back. Why the change of heart?

A. No change of heart really, it was just that the time came along for something new and so the dresses were put aside. It's incredible that there should have been such an uproar about those dresses. After all, they were men's dresses and I don't think that they were feminine in any way at all. They were very comfortable to wear and if only more men had worn them they might have found them a beneficial change from trousers.

Q. How do you feel about your latest album, 'Aladdin Sane'?

A. I'm very happy with the results and hope that the fans will be, too. As with any album, you can't have an indication of how it's going to be accepted until you see black and white proof. But I hope the fans are going to enjoy it. We put an awful lot of hard work into the recording of it.

Q. You have plans to undertake a huge British tour - in fact one of the biggest ever undertaken by a major star in Britain. How do you think you are going to stand up to doing so many gigs?

A. Well, I hope I don't collapse under the strain! No, seriously, I think it's going to be fine really and I'm looking forward to it very much. One of our dates is at London's Earls Court Arena and apparently, ours will be the first musical event to be staged at that venue for years. Why I've decided to do such a large tour is for several reasons. One is that I'm not too sure when I'll be appearing on stage in this country again. It may be one of my last tours for a very long time as I may be concentrating on films in the future, so I thought this would be a good opportunity for all my fans to see me.

Q. Why the decision to concentrate on films?

A. I believe that you always have to move forward and I think it's about time my career took another progressive step. I'm not fed-up with what I'm doing, but I'm a great believer in trying new things all the time. I don't want things to go stale on me. If you look at my past history, you'll see I'm never one to stay with one thing for too long. I've been in a number of groups and then when I had a hit of my own at last with 'Space Oddity', I went into retirement for a couple of years because I got bogged down with it all. I've been involved with a mime troupe at an Arts Lab., and at one time I joined the Buddhist Tibet Society and helped to form a monastery in Scotland. So, maybe you can see now why I have to keep moving on to different things all the time?

Q. It seems that this drive to try new things is one of the major elements that has led to your success. We hope it won't mean you disappear from your fans' sight?

A. No, I don't think so. It seems that in the future in one way or another, I'll be doing work for the fans. I just hope they're going to like what I'll be doing.

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