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Ziggy Stardust
Advert / Flyer Gallery


Early RCA advert promoting Hunky Dory (1972)
and the forth-coming single "Starman" on 28 April 1972

Advert (1972) Detroit Flyer (1972) Pirate's World Advert (1972)
Flyer for Ziggy LP Hardrock Advert (1972) Advert for US Tour 1
Ziggy LP Advert (1972) John, I'm Only Dancing Advert (1972) Rebel Rebel  Advert (1974)
Hardrock Advert (1972) Advert for US Tour 2 Ziggy LP Advert (1972)

1972 RCA plastic bag designed to carry the promotional Ziggy Stardust album.
The back was the reissued Man Who Sold The World cover
with the words "David Bowie is Ziggy Stardust".

RCA advert for "Drive in Saturday" (May 1973)

MainMan advert for "Rock n Roll Suicide" (1974)

July 1973 magazine advert by RCA congratulating Bowie on being voted the World's Top Male Singer by readers of Music Scene magazine.
Bowie received 39,896 votes ahead of Rod Stewart on 36,782. 
The next in the top ten were Alice Cooper, Elton John, Gilbert O'Sullivan, Roger Daltry, Robert Plant, Marc Bolan, Ian Gillan and Bryan Ferry.

UK RCA advert (9 December 1972)
Promoting his 2nd UK Ziggy Stardust Tour concert dates,
his four RCA albums and the just released single "The Jean Genie"

Full-page advertisement appearing in the UK music magazine Melody Maker of the famous Mick Rock photo taken at the Oxford Concert on 17 June 1972. 
Aware of the huge promotional potential of the Mick Rock photo, De Fries quickly has it made into a full page advertisement for Melody Maker as a "thank-you" for MainMan staff and Bowie's fans. 

Full-page advertisement appearing in the UK music magazine Melody Maker.
This advert appeared on 3 June, 1972 - three days before the release of the Ziggy Stardust album in the UK. It advertises David Bowie's forthcoming Ziggy Stardust album, outlines tour and gig details for the month of June 1972 and promotes the album's single "Starman" which was released on 28 April 1972.  
At this stage Bowie was still being promoted as "David Bowie" rather than "Ziggy Stardust" - this would change for the Rainbow Theatre Concert on 19 August, 1972. 
The distinctive Ziggy Stardust cartoon artwork was drawn by George Underwood.

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Ziggy Stardust Scarf (1973)