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Review of PinUps (1973)

No Tears For David

by ? - ???? (October 1973)

DAVID BOWIE is making the biggest impression since the Beatles. He has two singles in the Top 20 and four albums in the 50. Three of his albums come in the first twelve positions. Sorrow is the latest Bowie explosion to hit the singles 50 and next week we can expect Pin Ups to go soaring to the dizzy heights of the album chart.

The lack of live appearances, reduced press coverage does not seem to be harming Bowie. Whatever he touches seems to turn to gold. Outside of his personal success Bowie is listed as producer of the Lou Reed chart placed album, Transformer. He has been instrumental in the recent triumphs of Mott The Hoople. His wife Angie is also scoring acclaim as a model and indeed she is featured on the fashion pages of last Sunday's Sunday Times Arts And Review Supplement. Bowie has of course drawn attention to a male attire which can include garments more akin to the present-day female. His facial splendour has put male make-up more firmly on the map.

Certainly from many angles Bowie has enlivened today's pop scene and indeed without his extravagance it would lack a certain necessary glamour. Whether Bowie, outside of forthcoming work for television and film, comes back to the live scene remains in the realm of speculation. He is obviously assured of a mighty warm welcome if and when he does. Sorrow isn't the word to describe current Bowie activities. Since Pin Ups is a collection of songs from the Sixties - would Bowie have included his Laughing Gnome if it had been a hit some months back? We doubt that!

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