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Review of PinUps (1973)

by R.G - Music Scene (December 1973)

David Bowie: Pin Ups (RCA 2.18)

Whatever David Bowie was before he became a super star may I suggest that when he tires of the world of show biz and decides to ease his feet back into something more mundane he get in touch with that South London firm who put up big hoardings everywhere announcing "Watch It Come down." For he has done such a demolition job on some of the best known and loved numbers of the sixties that it is obvious he has missed his vocation. Or maybe he should take a long vacation.

It's not so much that he does almost straight copies of things like: "Friday on My Mind", "I Can't explain", "Here Comes The Night" and "Shapes of Things" as what seems to be his total lack of sympathy for the songs.  If these are among his favourite raves, where is the feel?   There are two sax solos executed by David on the twelve tracks and to my disturbed mind they are the highspots of the album.  The rest should be executed.

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