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My story about Ziggy

by Patrick Fichou

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It was a cold winter Saturday of 1971 (perhaps 1972), and my brother and I used to visit the record shops of my native town which is Brest in Brittany (Western France). I was 13 while my brother was 18. That day, my brother bought a strange record called "Hunky Dory". Greta Garbo (we thought she was here) fascinated me while the record was spinning round for days and days.

You CAN'T understand what songs such as "Life on Mars?", "Andy Warhol", "Quicksand" and the so strange and delightful "Bewley Brothers" meant for me. Such a feeling!!!

Some time later, we discovered the BIG BANG named "Ziggy Stardust" and we played it at maximum volume every time our parents were out! At this time, Alice Cooper and his "School's Out" was playing on the radios! However, nothing was able to make me change my mind: Bowie was the greatest.

There are no words to describe my sensations during these years. I was 13 and discovered music with this album... but it was not only music, it was a way to be, and another (sound 'n') vision of the world, so much things...This album made me different and I still feel this difference though age and wisdom are now my companions!

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Ziggy Stardust Scarf (1973)