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Ziggy Stardust
Life Mask


A look at the wonderful and unique Ziggy Stardust life mask by artist Erick Erickson from an original cast of David Bowie's face lovingly recreated to show him as Ziggy Stardust.  Read more about this life mask and the artist below.  This life mask is available for purchase!

The Ziggy Stardust Life Mask - by Erick Erickson

I created the David Bowie as Ziggy Stardust life mask because of the intensity and perpetual passion of the fans. I lived through the many faces of David Bowie and was fortunate enough to see him from the first row when he did The Elephant Man on stage. Bowie did the whole role without the use of costuming or makeup but yet he made you feel for the character.

The enhanced Ziggy Stardust (1971-1973) life mask that you see on this page was inspired by the concept album of an alien rock superstar THE RISE AND FALL OF ZIGGY STARDUST AND THE SPIDERS FROM MARS (1972) David Bowie (1947- )

This life mask is an actual cast taken from the face of David Bowie that has been reconstructed to make a tribute to Bowie as his persona Ziggy Stardust.

The facial surface of Bowie has been preserved to show every pore. Also the mask has been built out and up with stylized hair added to create the complete Ziggy Stardust. The detail is amazing and ranges from the shaven eyebrows of the alien to the Bowie teeth set in the mouth that can be seen if you look closely. In Hollywood life masks are made to create special makeup effects for the movies. The makeup artist layers special moulding material directly on the stars face. The celebrity must sit very still as the GOOP hardens on their face, usualy breathing through straws stuffed in their nostrils. When pulled from the face the artist then pours plaster into the mold. This creates a positive exact image of the stars face in 3 dimensions. See and touch every unique detail of the person. It's like having them there with you. It's fun to study every pore, wrinkle, scar or blemish of David Bowie. Very unique. It's an exclusive.

The Ziggy Stardust mask is cast in Ultra-Cal the hardest casting cement available. Each mask is finished in GLAM GOLD hand rubbed by an artist with an overlay that brings out the detail. The Forehead ring is done in accent red. Then the whole mask is sealed to preserve the finish. The mask comes with the hanging hardware. Each mask is signed and numbered by the artist.

The price is US$50.00 each and shipping within the U.S.A is US$12.70 including insurance.  For overseas shipping costs please ask.

To purchase please contact me at

Original life mask of David Bowie's face before modification

About the artist

I graduated from the Kansas City Art Institute and School of Design in 1974. I was an independent Toy Designer inventing concepts for Ideal, Mattel, Milton Bradley and others. I have always painted and sculpted. And create art that entertains.

Price = US$50.00 each and shipping within the U.S.A is US$12.70 including insurance. 
For overseas shipping costs please ask.

To purchase a Ziggy Stardust life mask please contact me at

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Ziggy Stardust Scarf (1973)