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Dunstable Concert (21 June 1973)


BRILLIANT ZIGGY. I BOUGHT David Bowie's "Ziggy Stardust" album recently and must admit that its brilliant in every respect.  A man and a band who deserve more than they're getting. - H. HENDERSON, Glasgow. (1972)

I HAVE just seen David Bowie.   He is really incredible. Beautiful music and fantastic stage work.  He respects his fans more because he telephoned me on Sunday to thank you for a present.   Give him the following he deserves. - K. GALLAGHER, SITTINGBOURNE, KENT. (1972)

DAVID BOWIE'S Ziggy Stardust LP is great.  The best song on the album is Five Years.   I'm 18 years old, but when I hear this song it really gets me, and I start to cry.   Wow, what a song.  Other songs that are very good are Soul Love, Starman, It Ain't Easy, Star, Hang Onto Yourself, Suffragette City and Rock n Roll Suicide.   David Bowie you are a great songwriter - yes sir, you damn well are!  - John Maher, 55 King Street, Dunstable, Beds. (1972)

WOW! HAVING FINALLY recovered from the effects of David Bowie's "Ziggy Stardust" I can only sum up energy enough to say this - it's out of this world!  - LIZ, WHITBY, YORKSHIRE. (1972)

GRIN. DAVID BOWIE on "Top of The Pops" - it took hours for the grin on my face to wear off! Auntie Beeb has gone Bowie-mad - even the dreaded Blackburn album tracking from "Ziggy Stardust"! The establishment has now recognised you as a STAR, David. Long may it last! - MARY CONELAN, CHORLTON-CUM-HARDY, MANCHESTER. (1972)

Fan Club Membership card

STARMAN. "THERE'S A Starman, waiting in the sky, He'd like to come and meet us.  But he thinks he'd blow our minds". David Bowie is that Starman, let him blow your mind.   Let's give Bowie the credit he truly deserves. - NIGEL C. ROBINSON, BOLTON, LANCS. (1972)

SLAGGERS. MAY I through Sounds, thank Mr David Bowie alias Ziggy Stardust, for taking me through a dream, I've never been able to get, from his performance at the Rainbow.   Please all you slaggers of this man, just listen to him, to have lived his dreams, fantasies and mind was bloody nice.  He is Mr Wonderful." - WENDY, Wallington, Surrey (1972)

BOWIE BEFORE. ALAS! Gone are the days of "Space Oddity".  Nowadays David Bowie appears in all the music mags as the new teeny bopper idol.  His latest album "The Rise and Fall" is an obvious compromise towards commerciality and "Starman" only underlines this sad trend.  If only Bowie could drop his image and return to the real music that his followers loved years ago. - STEVE KIRKHAM, 36 Orchard Meadow Walk, Castle Vale, Birmingham (1972)

I HAVE JUST seen David Bowie at the Rainbow (fantastic by the way) and I couldn't help noticing that the fans who screamed for David were the fans who didn't want to know him during "The Man Who Sold The World" era.  I should like RCA to charge 5 for David's next LP so that only his ardent followers would buy it.  Then we would see how many real fans he has - BOWIE BONKERS, Croyden (1972)

I AM A big David Bowie fan but, on buying the two latest singles, I discover both B-sides are tracks off the "Ziggy Stardust" LP.   Knowing most Bowie fans possess "Ziggy" I find it very disappointing when, for 50p, all we get is one new track.  What do they expect us to do - stop buying the singles altogether? - CHRISTINE S, Flasby Hall Farm. Skipton, Yorks. (1972)

Fan Club application postcard

COMPARISONS may seem pointless but it is hard to understand how David Bowie has not yet enjoyed the same success as Marc Bolan.  Logically, if logic had anything to do with the music business, one cannot deny that he has all the attributes, and more of Bolan.  His singing is expressive, his music stylistically varied and is stage performances totally convincing, though he has a great advantage in having Mick Ronson on lead guitar.  However, all this is not to decry Marc Bolan, only in the hope that David Bowie will be elevated to the same status and judging by reactions to his recent tour I cannot see him failing. - R ASHMAN, Linthorpe Road, Middlesbrough, Durham (1972)

POP-PUFF BOWIE WHY on earth do so many turn on to that freak-faced pop-puff David Bowie - one look at him surely makes you want to vomit.  There are so many fantastic artists around now - like Harry Nilson, Slade, Rod Stewart - that it seems impossible anybody should want to listen to Bowie's crappy music. - Al Delderfield - David Bowie Extermination Unit, 35 Roe Lane, London (1972)

BOWIE LYRICS. WHAT was Paul Hennings on about Bowie being a glamorous no good?  Paul must be kidding.  The lyrics in Bowies songs have got feeling - not like half the bands and singers today.  I saw Bowie recently in person and the  1.50 I paid for his performance would be very unwelcome back in my pocket. I'd see him anytime - and so would a lot of other people, too. - Miss J Rees, 24 Brynhyfryd Road, Briton Ferry, Neath, near Glam (1972)

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THANK God for David Bowie.  Of all of the new wave of stars, he is the one who is going to succeed.  The presentation at London's Rainbow was stupendous, although the mimes were sometimes embarrassingly silly, but coupled with the great music, it was a remarkable event.  I saw Lou Reed outside the Rainbow.   He really should have been in "The Godfather". - M MANLEY, White City estate, London (1972).

DATE WITH DAVID. IS DAVID BOWIE really interested in all his fans?  If so, what's this crap about Bowie being too busy with gigs during the end of June to bother with the booked High Wycombe one? Over 2,000 fans awaited Bowie after queuing up outside the Queen's Hall I Wycombe for over 2 hours on June 30.  On arrival we received a mild apology dubiously explaining David's absence.  Instead, all the fans had to put up with a sit-down disco and a third-rate "Sinatra".  To hell with the Croydon gig that David intends repeating for the 1,000 that were unable to get in.  What about the disappointed over 2,000 at Wycombe? - CLIFF PARKER, High Wycombe. (1972)

You have a special magic
That the others cannot find.
You're a star that will never fade,
One of the rarest kind.

Androgynous beauty,
Your pale haunting face,
Belongs to another time,
And a different race.
Yet some don't understand,
Make snide remarks and jeer,
What can you tell them
The ones who will not hear.

You're almost a living legend,
With your thoughts among the stars.
David I love you very much,
Did you really come from Mars?
- CANDY a Bowie freak, Folkestone, Kent. (1972)

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