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EMI 1999
Re-issue Series



The seventeen re-issues from DAVID BOWIE'S back catalogue, including THE RISE AND FALL OF ZIGGY STARDUST AND THE SPIDERS FROM MARS (EMI 7243 521900 0 3) were re-released on 6 September 1999 in the UK by EMI Records and later in the US by Virgin. Each album was digitally re-mastered at the world famous Abbey Road Studios. The albums were digitally transferred from, wherever possible, the original analogue masters at 24 bits resolution. They were processed using Sonic Solutions NoNoise technology and mastered to 16 bit for CD using Prism SNS Noise Shaping. While the CDs had no bonus tracks (unlike the 1990 Rykodisc/EMI reissues) they were all "enhanced" - i.e. each included a short multimedia presentation about BowieNet.

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Digitally remastered by Peter Mew with Nigel Reeve at Abbey Road Studios
Original front and back photography by Brian Ward
Original front and back cover artwork by Terry Pastor
Inside back tray photography by Brain Ward

Booklet photos pages 2, 3, 4, 8/9, 14, 16 by Brian Ward
Page 7, 11 by Mick Rock

Project co-ordinated by Nigel Reeve and Kevin Cann
Re-package designed by Kevin Cann
Artwork and layout by The Design Team

CD Face

CD spine

As expected there are no bonus tracks on this release.  For some people having no bonus tracks is preferable as it preserves the integrity of the original Ziggy Stardust release - which for all intents and purposes is a concept album and should (and does now) end on "Rock n Roll Suicide".   According to Mojo magazine's August 1999 issue - EMI are planning a Bowie 'rarities' anthology box set so it is possible that the already issued bonus tracks and maybe new bonus tracks concerning Ziggy Stardust will be issued then.

The new Ziggy Stardust CD cover, interestingly, is a shade lighter and more blue than the 1990 Rykodisc release with the original 1972 title lettering on the cover.  Unlike the 1990 Rykodisc reissue - the lettering is smaller and does not extend to covering the building.  The cover also appears clearer with more detail visible and you can see more of Bowie's facial expression. However, a close comparison shows that the cover is very slightly cropped compared to the Rykodisc release (you now see a little less of the right side and top of the building).  

Inside back tray

The front of all of the reissue CD hinges have been left in clear plastic and the far left portion of visible inside back tray (above) shows part of the Heddon Street sky which is very effective. The inside back tray image itself is a Brian Ward photograph. It is good to see the 1972 Brian Ward Ziggy Stardust promotional pictures being used for a Ziggy Stardust CD this time and NOT The Man Who Sold The World (as happened with the Ryko/EMI 1990 releases!).

CD Back

The back cover artwork is very different to the original release with the artist information and credits now found only in the booklet.   Surprisingly the very famous instruction "TO BE PLAYED AT MAXIMUM VOLUME" is completely missing from this release! Shame! An oversight???

Page 2

The first inside page is shown above. Of note in the PERSONNEL section is that Dana Gillespie is now credited (for the first time ever!) for providing backing vocals on "It Ain't Easy".

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Ziggy Stardust Scarf (1973)