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Bowie Gig Off

New Musical Express (28 June 1972)

DAVID BOWIE'S appearance on June 30 at High Wycombe has been cancelled. A spokesman for GEM explained the cancellation was "because we were saturated with gigs around that weekend."  Bowie's representative, Dai Davies, later told NME this week that Bowie "wishes to apologise to the 1,000 people who were turned away from the Croydon Greyhound on Sunday because of over crowding. He intends to play another gig in the area as soon as possible."

IS DAVID BOWIE really interested in all his fans?  If so, what's this crap about Bowie being too busy with gigs during the end of June to bother with the booked High Wycombe one? Over 2,000 fans awaited Bowie after queuing up outside the Queen's Hall I Wycombe for over 2 hours on June 30.  On arrival we received a mild apology dubiously explaining David's absence.  instead, all the fans had to put up with a sit-down disco and a third-rate "Sinatra".  To hell with the Croydon gig that David intends repeating for the 1,000 that were unable to get in.  What about the disappointed over 2,000 at Wycombe? - CLIFF PARKER, High Wycombe.
Disgruntled Fan Letter (1972)

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