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Bowie Exclusive

Music Star (1973)

DAVID BOWIE has something rather odd about his face. You've probably noticed it.

No matter whether it's night or day, bright or dull, one of his pupils remains the same size! And it often looks a reddish colour. Many of his fans think it's always been like that - but Music Star has found out the real truth about this peculiar Space Oddity!

For the first time, David tells all!

"When I was fourteen I fell in love with a girl. I can't even remember her name now - but at the time I was crazy about her! Only trouble was, my best mate had a bit of a soft spot for her, too. I was the winner. Quicker off the mark, I suppose! I moved in before he'd even made up his mind how to approach her... Anyway - next day I was at school boasting to my mate about what a Casanova I was and he became terribly annoyed. In fact he threw a punch at me! It caught me in the eye, and I stumbled against a wall and on to my knees. At first he thought I was kidding - it wasn't a very hard punch. But it had obviously caught me at rather an odd angle. At first they thought I'd lose my eye - I was scared stiff. But in the end it turned out that only one of the muscles that control the pupil was damaged. That's why my eye never changes size. For quite a while I was very embarrassed about it. Although I could see very well out of the eye, it made me self-conscious. But as I've grown older I've got to like it. It makes me feel different - distinctive! As far as the guy who hit me's concerned, he's still one of my best friends. He's a charming, honest person and not at all violent. He played in a group with me, too - the Bo Street Runners, we were called. Then he made a couple of singles as a soul singer before becoming a professional artist."

David's friend still feels bad about the affair sometimes.

"I'm sure David doesn't think about it nowadays - but every time I see him again after a long break, I'm reminded of what I did to him, all those years ago!" he told us.

[Ed: The friend mentioned is George Underwood who did much of the Ziggy Stardust promotional graphics and cartoon characters]

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