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LIVE! Hard Rockin' Mr Bowie!

J. Arthur - Record Mirror (9 September 1972)

DAVID BOWIE debuted his new rock and roll show at the opening of unique Hardrock Concert Theatre in Manchester on Saturday. With over a thousand fans turned away from the new purpose-built rock venue, 3,500 managed to get in and witness a phenomenal show from the incomparable Bowie, whom we are going to lose to America for some three months.

Bowie always comes up with the unexpected and his act was quite a shock for anybody who had expected to see Bowie as he has performed in recent weeks. He now has three acts to choose from, and indeed he presented his "acoustic set" on Sunday at the Hardrock, which heralds a new era in rock concert presentation.

Supporting Bowie was the relatively unknown act Iguana, who proved quite interesting, but it was not until that seasoned rock and roller, Roy Young, sat in the with the band that things really got moving. Roy had the audience eating out of his hand and it just goes to show that it ain't just cosmic rock the kids want. Mention should be made of the superb sound system at the hall which - horror of horrors - can be turned in a discotheque at the flick of a switch. Luckily it changes back to being a concert hall at the flick of a switch as well.

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