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The Ziggy Stardust
Master Tapes

As at 9 February 1972 this is the Master Tape of Side One of the Ziggy Stardust album. 
In contention at this time as Track 4 was "Round and Round" (described here by Bowie as the type of song Ziggy would play live).
The Masters were 15 inch tapes recorded in Dolby stereo with Ken Scott as Engineer and produced by David Bowie & Ken Scott at Trident Studios.
The client being GEM Productions.

Plaque awarded to Trident Studios by BBC Radio London on 15th June 2017

Trident Studios, Trident House, 17 St Anne's Court, London 

As at 9 February 1972 this is the Master of Side Two of the Ziggy Stardust album configuration.

Trident Studios control room (1970s)


Trident Studios A showing the famous Bechstein grand piano

Recorded on 27 March 1972 is a remixed "Starman" which replaced the cover of "Round and Round" (Chuck Berry) on the final album.
When RCA's A&R Dennis Katz heard the draft album he was concerned that there was no obvious single and so Bowie and the Spiders went back to Trident starting on the 4th February 1972 to record "Starman" with Take 11 being the final version. 

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