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Photograph of David Bowie and Mick Ronson live on stage in Japan (April 1973). At this concert Bowie in oppressive heat stripped down to a sequined and jeweled jockstrap.  He claimed that this was in the tradition of Japanese sumo wrestlers.  When he did the same thing at a following Glasgow, UK concert he was criticized by some for acting like a "common Soho stripper".


"If they are still putting phonograph records in time capsules then we would like to recommend the new Bowie for inclusion.  David's latest full-scale invasion of the mind is the telling saga of a rock n roll star's trek through a garden of unearthly delights.  The songs are uniformly brilliant and the production by Bowie and Ken Scott is virtually flawless. It's an electric age nightmare.  It's a cold hard beauty.  It's another example of the shining genius of David Bowie.  An album to take with you into the 1980's." - Cash Box, May 27th 1972

Ziggys was the name of a tailor's shop seen from a train while the Stardust surname was procured from the "Legendary Stardust Cowboy," a country singer who innocently appeared on American TV convinced of his great talent.  The shows producers had another, very different, opinion of his gifts, and he was ultimately played strictly for laughs.

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