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Photograph by Brian Ward taken in 1972. See also other photos from this session here.


In an early review of the Ziggy Stardust album, the British journalist (and longtime Bowie supporter) Michael Watts, observed that "Bowie's bid for stardom is accelerating at lightning speed."

Looking back on the events that started with the recording of Ziggy and continued through Bowie's conquering of the USA at Radio City Music Hall, this comment seems almost laughable.  In just over a year, David went from being the darling of the underground to becoming a full-blown rock superstar.  As one reviewer of the time noted, "David looks like a superstar, onstage he projects himself like a superstar, and by his music deserves to be a superstar."

In the process of becoming that superstar, Bowie created what is very possibly the most influential album of the Seventies, added his visionary touch to classic records by a number of other artists and conquered the world.  incredibly, all of this was accomplished in just 14-months.

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