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David Bowie - Haddon Hall (March 1972)

Snake skin trousers and red boots.

Photographer: Mick Rock

"The photo session which became the cover to David's Space Oddity [reissue] album was made one afternoon at Haddon Hall, Beckenham.  David had just got up from a late night and posed in his dressing gown in the front room, his hair unkempt.  We did the photos which became the back cover in Bowie's bedroom.  It turned out to be a magical session for both of us, the results cementing our friendship and guaranteeing my role in the great scheme of things." - Mick Rock

"Joey's bedroom, Haddon Hall April 1972. One of David's favorite pics. One shot from this session was featured on the back of the RCA "Space Oddity" album. In this frame he's holding the original "Hunky Dory" album cover artwork. " - Mick Rock

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